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She tHEiR love story

She tHEiR love story

Bua is a successful business woman, who lives the perfect life. When diagnosed with incurable cancer she turns her back on her husband and daughter in order to ease their pain and hide her destiny. In her self-imposed isolation, the only person that Bua lets into her life is June, an undemanding and encouraging freelance photographer. At the end of her life journey, Bua is granted one last chance to discover the profound meaning of passionate love. Da, a hardheaded columnist, has her reputation ruined when her "perfect" boyfriend emails raunchy video clips of her to all her work contacts. In order to escape the embarrassment she immerses herself in work and accepts to write a "trendy" feature about the love life of lesbians in Bangkok. She convinces Be (Kitchya Kaesuwan), a charming tomboy, to be her research subject. During the course of the assignment their relationship turns sexual and Da starts to asks herself if her feelings towards Be could be real love. Bee, who owns a coffeeshop, is a tom living alone. Spurned by her father, she feels guilty. She doesn't ever expect success at love, thinking that the only thing tom can do is making other women happy. Da lives next door to Bee. Though also unloved, she's straight and considers tom abnormal, and she'd never dream of dating one - until something changes her mind.
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